Learn more about GRTC Today, the unofficial guide to GRTC.

What is GRTC Today?

This site has tools to help GRTC riders track the frequency and reliability of buses.

How does it work?

All statistics are based on real-time arrival data from GRTC. New arrival data for buses is recorded every 20 seconds. That data is processed every few minutes to calculate wait times and on-time performance.

How is on-time performance calculated?

A bus is considered on time if it arrives at a bus stop no more than 1 minute earlier than scheduled and no more than 5 minutes later than scheduled. This is the same standard used by GRTC.

How are the typical longest wait times calculated? What do they mean?

First, the maximum time between arrivals is found for every bus stop in a bus route or bus route group. Then, the median of the maximum times is found. The result is roughly the current worst-case wait time for that bus route.